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Type of Manicure You Need to Ask for at Your Full Service Nail Salon With the seasons changing, we should not only wear different clothes and make up but also a different manicure. To see which nail shapes, colors, and designs will be the most trendy this spring and in the upcoming summer, read the list below. In it, you can find some nice ideas and inspiration for your next full service nail salon visit:

Which Full Service Nail Salon to Pick From If you are someone who prefers getting their manicure or pedicure done at a salon but you don’t really know how to choose one, here are some tips to help you with your decision: – When you first walk into a full service nail salon, which you want to try, take a good look around. Make sure the environment is nice and clean. See if the nail professional disinfects the tools before using them on a new client and if she or he washes their hands thoroughly. – Ask about what the service includes. Many salons provide all-inclusive packages with fixed prices, but there also can be a case in which you are charged extra for a fast drying top coat, for example. So, before you sit in the chair, make sure you know what the package you are paying for consists […]